An overview of some of my design and development work plus a look into my side projects.

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Side Project

Orion Suite

The Orion suite is a collection of tools to help you with front-end development. It includes:-

OrionCSS - a SASS framework which provides you with a solid OOCSS foundation for your project.

OrionJS - a simple collection of reusable functions to help streamline UI development.

OrionBP - a simple Gulp powered front-end boilerplate for projects using OrionCSS and OrionJS.

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Side Project

Tile Puzzle Game

This was a small side project of mine to put into practice what at the time I had recently learned about object-orientated programming in JavaScript. I feel I learn best when doing, so if I learn something substantial I tend to build upon that with a practical exercise.

There’s 4 different variations to tackle. See how quickly you can solve them!

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