Occasionally I write about web development if I've learned something new or want to share something neat.

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Issue 270 | January 2018

Build a Web Form with Great UX

Learn the techniques and best practices which will allow you to create a web form with a highly optimised UX.

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Issue 269 | December 2017

Create a flexible carousel component in Vue.js

How to create a simple, flexible carousel component in Vue.js, the JavaScript framework.

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Issue 268 | November 2017

Using Wordpress API with a Vue.js Powered Blog

Implement Wordpress API into a Vue.js powered blog using Vuex, a state management library.

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Issue 267 | October 2017

Managing CSS Classes with JavaScript & Data Attributes

Create a reusable JavaScript function which uses data attributes to easily manage CSS class changes.

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Issue 266 | September 2017

Simplify Media Queries with SASS

Media queries are a cornerstone of responsive web design. Employ the power of SASS to make them easier and quicker to use.

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Issue 265 | August 2017

Generate a Static Blog with Gulp & Nunjucks

How to generate a static blog using task runner Gulp and Mozilla’s templating engine Nunjucks.

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Issue 264 | July 2017

Setup Site Theming with CSS variables

Use CSS variables and Web Storage API to implement website theming which persists across sessions.

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May 2017

Managing State in CSS with Reusable JavaScript Functions - Part 2

Continuing from part 1, I build upon and improve the class toggling reusable JavaScript function.

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April 2017

Managing State in CSS with Reusable JavaScript Functions - Part 1

Determining the most efficient way of managing state can be a challenging issue in CSS. I explore one solution.

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Speckyboy Design Magazine
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February 2017

Naming conventions for sizes in scalable CSS

In this article, I explore how naming conventions can be used to represent sizes in scalable CSS.

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